Are Ready To Open Up Your Pediatric Behavioral Therapy Practice? 3 Tips To Build Your Clientele

Posted on: 15 June 2018

You've worked hard to earn your ability to help kids achieve their full potential. Now that you've completed the education and licensing requirements to become a behavioral therapist, your next step is to open your practice. Your choice to open your own practice offers you the ability to make the best decisions to help the children who depend upon your services, yet you also realize the challenges that this poses for building your clientele.
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3 Important Tips When Choosing A Private Placement Broker-Dealer

Posted on: 14 June 2018

If your newly created company needs additional capital, gathering different investors may be a solid investment plan. A private placement broker-dealer can assist with this task, as they can put you in touch with many different financial institutions like venture capital firms and investment banks. To choose one of these broker-dealers correctly, though, you need to remember these tips. 1. Decide Between Big or Small  There are predominantly two types of broker-dealer agencies you can work with: large and small.
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