Are Ready To Open Up Your Pediatric Behavioral Therapy Practice? 3 Tips To Build Your Clientele

Posted on: 15 June 2018


You've worked hard to earn your ability to help kids achieve their full potential. Now that you've completed the education and licensing requirements to become a behavioral therapist, your next step is to open your practice. Your choice to open your own practice offers you the ability to make the best decisions to help the children who depend upon your services, yet you also realize the challenges that this poses for building your clientele. As you welcome your first patient to your practice, use these tips to continue to grow your business.

1. Focus on Family Education

For many families, having a child diagnosed with a behavioral disorder places them in uncharted territory. As their child's therapist, parents depend upon you to help them navigate through the confusing process of helping their child overcome their challenges. Providing families with educational materials and experiences shows them that you care about the child's overall well-being. Consider posting informative articles on your website that pertain to common behavioral challenges, and set handouts and brochures out in the waiting area of your practice so that families have fast access to the answers to their questions.

2. Offer Benefits Verification

Today's health insurance policies often contain confusing language that may leave families unsure of what types of benefits they can use to fund their child's therapeutic services. In some instances, families may be hesitant to sign their children up for therapy sessions out of the fear that it does not fit into their budget. As part of your services, offer to help families with benefits verification processes that allow them to schedule their first and subsequent appointments with confidence that they will not be surprised by a bill.

3. Invest Your Time in Each Patient

Playing the roles of a business owner and a therapist often generates some conflicts. For instance, you may find it hard to focus on your clients if you were in the office early trying to figure out a billing issue or gather documents for an audit. Behavioral health billing services take the tedious parts of running a business off of your hands so that you can invest your time in the things that truly grow your business. From giving you more time to spend researching new therapy techniques to allowing you to step into each session with a fresh state of mind, delegating menial tasks to professionals allows your patients to thrive under your guidance.

The world needs more behavioral health specialists to help children learn how to cope with their challenges and enjoy greater success. Now that you are ready to open up your practice be sure to set up the services you need to be able to fully focus on serving each of your patients. For more information, contact a company like DB Management & Associates.