• Received An Inheritance? Why You Need Wealth Management Consulting

    If you talk to almost anyone, they'll tell you that it's their dream to receive a monetary windfall. Some fantasize about winning the lottery while others simply hope to come across a suitcase full of cash. Maybe you have had many of these same ideals in the past but never thought they would become a reality. Now that they have, it's up to you to protect your good fortune. Going to sit down with a wealth management consultant can be extremely beneficial.
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  • What Is Qualified Retirement Planning And Its Advantages For Your Business?

    A qualified retirement plan is any of several types of individual retirement plans that allow employees to contribute pre-tax basis for retirement purposes. Investing in a qualified retirement plan can be advantageous because the money invested has already been subject to income tax on the way into the account. These plans are also considered "tax-deferred," meaning that any withdrawals are taxed at the participant's ordinary income tax rate rather than the higher long-term capital gains rates.
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